Make Money... Earning an extra $50… $500… $1,000 or more every month shouldn't take you more than 15 minutes a day with the Ad Blaster Social Media Marketing System.   You can earn up to 20% Recurring Commission on every purchase made by every Shopper in your Shopping Community!   And, refer just 5 Premier Shoppers and qualify to earn a percentage of every purchase… made by every Shopper Companywide in our Premier Shopper Bonus Pool!

Pay Per Click...

The Ad Blaster Social Media Marketing System pays you $0.10 cents Karmora Kash for every click through… on every advertisement that you post regardless of whether the clicker makes a purchase or not!   Depending on the size of your social network and how often you post ads, it’s a fantastic way to purchase any of our fantabulous Exclusive Products at extraordinary prices!

Making Money Ads

Would your friends and followers appreciate learning more about how to make some extra cash sharing our premade Ads?   Choose from our Money Making Library and post away!

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Saving Money Ads

Over 200 Million US Consumers will spend more than $300 Billion shopping online and some of them are your friends and followers!   Snap ‘em up into your Shopping Community before someone else does!

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Winning Money Ads

Premier Shoppers can win Cash and Prizes just by surfing stores on their website in our Click2Win Program!   Who doesn’t like winning Cash & Prizes?

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Exclusive Product Ads

Love our Exclusive Products?   Tell the world regularly and watch in amazement as your Shopping Community and income explodes!

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Good Karmora Videos

Media rich content is what gets shared on Social Media.   Karmora hired $1 Million Dollar Doritos Time Machine Winner, Ryan Andersen, to develop videos that our Shopping Community Builders will enjoy sharing as they build their Shopping Communities!

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The Ad Tracker located in the My Account section of your website allows you to see how many prospective Shoppers have clicked through to your website as a result of each ad that you post.   It is a phenomenal tool that will allow you to see which ads are resonating with your audience as they are shared across the globe!   Plus, it is a key component in determining how many ads you need to post, or the number of clicks it takes, to convert prospects into Shoppers making you money!   The Ad Tracker is a Shopping Community Builder’s best friend!

Watch Your Shopping Community & Income Grow!

You will receive real-time emails from our Shopper Notification System each time a Shopper joins your Shopping Community.   Nothing is more exciting than learning that a new Shopper has joined your Shopping Community and/or has made a purchase making you money!   Join us in the fun!