Karmora Cares!

Karmora Shoppers have gifted an amazing $0.00 to Worthy Causes!

Fundraising made Simple...

Karmora Cares about our Shoppers and their communities!   Our Shoppers are rewarded with $2 Karmora Kash for every $1 they contribute to approved Karmora Cares Fundraising Organizations.   Plus, Karmora matches 5% of every contribution made by every Shopper!   It’s as simple as 1… 2… 3!

Shopper Enrolls their Favorite Charities


Karmora Shoppers can enroll their favorite Fundraising Organizations (schools, clubs, causes, charities, religious organizations, etc…) into the Karmora Cares Fundraising Program.   Once approved, the Fundraising Organization will be eligible to receive contributions we call “gifts” from all Karmora Shoppers.

Shoppers Make Contributions & Get Rewarded!


Karmora Shoppers are able to contribute any portion of the Cash Back, Commissions and/or Click2Winnings they have earned to any approved Karmora Cares Fundraising Organization.   The Shopper is rewarded with $2 of Karmora Kash for every $1 they contribute.   The Karmora Kash is immediately available to be used on their next Exclusive Product purchase!

Both the Fundraising organization and the Shopper receive an email confirming each gift.   All contributions are recorded and available for Shopper review in the “My Charities” section of the Shopper back office.

Karmora Matches Gifts and Pays Charities!


Karmora matches 5% of each gift and issues checks to the Fundraising Organizations on the 1st business day of each month!

For more information on how Karmora Cares can help your Fundraising Organization please click the live support icon below and choose “Fundraising” from the Department Menu during our normal business hours.   A Good Karmora Specialist is happily waiting to help you!