Cash Back Disclosure Statement



Cash Back and Cash Back Commissions are deemed “pending” until we receive payment from our advertisers and affiliate networks, which is typically 60 days from the date of purchase.  Once we receive payment it will be reported as “Paid” in your eWallet and added to your Available Cash balance for withdrawal, gifting or use on future Exclusive Product purchases.


Published Percentages

Some advertisers publish “up to” cash back percentages because they may have tiered pricing on different categories of products.  Karmora does not warrant or represent that your purchase will reach the top rate published.  If you are not comfortable with “up to” cash back percentages, please look for similar or identical products in stores publishing “fixed” cash back percentages.   



Cash Back Purchase returns are governed by the individual return/refund policies of the store where you made your purchase.  Karmora reserves the right to deduct any rebate or commission paid to you for cash back purchases that have been returned and charged back to Karmora from the Available Cash in your eWallet, or from future Cash Back Rebates or Commissions.



If you have a dispute in regards to a Cash Back purchase, please open a live chat and select Customer Service from the drop down menu.  Make sure that you have all pertinent documentation including the email receipt from the online store with the date and time stamp.  Karmora will do everything in our power to resolve the dispute, however the financial responsibility is with the advertiser and not Karmora.  Your ultimate resolution may be to return the merchandise and not shop with that store in the future.  If we receive multiple disputes for non-reporting or non-payment of Cash Back transactions from a particular advertiser they will be removed from the website.