You bought it... You love it... We want to pay for it!

Getting your most recent Karmora purchase paid for is as easy as 1... 2... 3!

Record a funny video reviewing your purchase and simply ask "Karmora... Please #Pay4MyPurchase" at the end of your clip!

Upload your video by CLICKING HERE! Its really simple!

Once your video is approved, share it daily. The video with the most votes win!

Be funny! We want to see excitement, creativity, and a little bit of craziness,Record something memorable. You want people to share it!Share your video everyday!Consistency is the key!Read our ridiculously funny rules! Do it!

Be boring, no one wants to vote for a boring video!Use profanity. No one likes a potty mouth!No Nudity. We're not interested. We promise!Violate the rules! Cheaters never win!

Ridiculously Funny RulesWinner will be announced Febraury 28, 2015

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